I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Spain settled in Scotland.

I graduated with a Visual Communication Degree from ‘the Glasgow School of Art’ in 2013. Before this I coursed a degree in Tradition and Digital Illustration at the ‘Ateneo Imagen school SL’ in Madrid , Spain.

From 2013 I have been developing my personal artwork and working as a freelance graphic designer for event companies in the music industry, small business and community centres.

My personal work is inspired by nature, ancient cultures, and the world of emotions. I create surrealist characters and atmospheres with a mystic touch to spark creativity and open up a world of free imagination. I represent emotional states, universal concepts of our existence; or simply another world for you to dive into. When I look towards nature I see a world full of life and personality, this is the beauty that aim to portrait through my personal artwork.

In my process I am quite free. I use a wide range of materials, digital or traditional techniques depending on the project.

If I am not doing something creative I try to be as close to nature as I can. I am very moved by the fungi world, trees and herbs so I try to learn about them and cultivate the love that Mother Nature give us as much as giving it back too. I strive towards sustainability trying to reduce my impact to the minimum.


Graphic design and Illustration

I partner with my clients to understand their individual needs and elevate their projects or brands through thoughtfully graphic experiences. I am passionate about solving  problems through creative collaboration. To start the conversation about your brand or project please contact me.